In every interview I’ve done in the last six months, the question “what is your favorite song on the album” has popped up. And the answer is always “Dreams.” The reason is because the time, place and mindset I was in during the time I wrote the song will always be remembered. It was five years ago. It was the moment when I was staring out into the city of New York for the first time from my hotel window, and the greatest realization came into my head.

“I’m not broke any more.” 

I had finally got the breakthrough I needed in my business where things went from zero, to hero, overnight. I wrote the song thinking back on all the struggles I had gone through in the past six years of trying to make it in life, music, business and everything else that was important to me. I knew if I could make things happen in my environment, anyone else can accomplish it as well.

“You must never give up, success happens anytime, very often overnight.”

Here are the lyrics and words to that song “Dreams.”

First off, thank God I’m alive.
Could have fell so many times, but still I survived.
Now I show the homies love, tell them they can do anything.
One step at a time, in a year you’ll succeed.
When I was down and broke, I couldn’t see that light.
Witnessed lots of cloudy moments, every night was a fight.
What’s the point of living on when I ain’t got shit.
Wish I knew six years later, I would drop a hit.
Now I know it takes a lot to be a man these days.
Work your hands to the bone all day with no pay.
See you have to stay persistent, you’ve came a long way.
You ain’t running this far just to throw it all away.
If you don’t quit, you can’t lose, success comes anytime.
Don’t you give up, got to stay grinding, keep trying.
Still show love to the streets and everybody in it.
Because pain is gain, in the end it all comes together.


Now I take this time, to thank my dad.
Who always kept his word, and never turned back.
See you can’t be a boss if you can’t take risks.
We’ve got one life to live, we can take a few hits.
Now I’ve learned to take a fall, and got my ass up.
Repeat it a hundred times, now you are ballin, no luck.
Learn from mistakes, that’s the only way to grow.
And cherish bad times, real homies won’t go.
Everything is all gravy when you’re ballin poppin bottles.
But who’s going to stick around when you land rock bottom?
You’d be surprised to find out who was really down.
I’d never turn my back on my friends I wouldn’t know how.
So understand well money isn’t everything.
You can buy fame, but you can’t buy love with change.
Never judge people by the way they look.
Met a lot of decent people in the end they were crooks. That’s life.


He came without a penny, I consider he was born rich.
Self made, large size collar making haters sick.
Fellas want to test him, yet can’t work hard.
Even money ain’t enough to separate them a part.
World in the pockets, pave your own path.
Struggles of a braveheart, music that forever lasts.
They tend to put you down, just don’t get it.
So you’ve got to go get it, no choice but to make it.
Make gold through dirt you’ve got to climb every way.
One verse at a time, every day til it pays.
Not working to survive, but hustle until you thrive.
And I run like Gump until my body runs dry. Never give up.


Right after the song was written, me and my producer hit the studio to record the record. The end result is the song “Dreams.” You can listen to the song on SoundCloud here: